This reflector channel (3) is the "Micro-Node" Reflector and belongs to the owner of www.Micro-Node.com. They are allowing us to make this reflector channel (9663) the N6USO's reflector channel, for us to use full time for our linking with other repeaters! Owner, Mark, K7IZA, thank you so much for all your support and allowing us to use this channel for our linking!
If you own a repeater IRLP node or your own IRLP node and you wish to link into our system, please feel free to link in via reflector 9663 any time and stay connected as long as you like! We looking for those systems around the world to link in and enjoy the hobby we all love so much and for the fun of meeting great people from around the world on our system! Feel free to share this information with your ham friends and families as you wish! There is no time limit for how long you can connect or talk on the system! All we ask is for you to leave long enough breaks between transmissions for others to join in or to be able to make a call.
Please join us on Tuesday Nights at 7:30 PM (California time) for our weekly Amateur Radio Newline net. All IRLP nodes are welcome to join us!


The 145.440 repeater is also linked in full time with the K6TEM 445.48 - 131.8 tone repeater high above Arcadia. This repeater configuration will give full coverage from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, through the South Bay to the Inland Empire. 449.88 - 146.2 Is located on Sunset Ridge.
I hope you enjoy the new changes and work that has been done to the system. *******************

Repeater Encodes Tone

We have enabled tone encoding on the N6USO repeater to transmit tone only on a valid signal. So if you enable CTCSS decode on your radio it will remain quiet unless it hears the 136.5 tone that is now encoded on the repeater output.
We have had reports of some having difficulty using this feature. On some radios, Kenwood, for example have the capability to use split-tones. Please ensure that you set both your tone encode and decode to 136.5. With this enabled, you will only hear the audio from the Sunset Ridge Repeater.
We hope this will enhance your enjoyment of the repeater and enable better communications. As always, please send email if you have any questions or concerns.
ke6vrl Hector

Repeater Information

This Repeater is part of the American Red Cross Emergency Radio System, for the Arcadia American Red Cross area. The main purpose of this repeater is for EMERGENCY AND DISASTER COMMUNICATIONS. If there is no declared emergency, then local charity events in need of a repeater for their event's amateur radio communications, has the next priority. The Motorcycle Amateur Radio Club (M.A.R.C.), has priority for REPEATER use for all their charity events. If any the above conditions do not apply, then the repeater is available for all VALID FEDERALLY LICENSED AMATEURS to use and enjoy. Please enjoy the repeater and I look forward to hearing you. If you have any questions about the system, feel free to send e-mail.


A Sunday trip to repair a Ham Radio Repeater Antenna from Hector Figueroa on Vimeo.

Current Events in Ham radio

Courtesy of Southgate ARC