Rules for Repeater Users

When using the repeater, please observe the following rules:
1. AT NO TIME WILL PROFANITY, LEWD LANGUAGE OR DISTASTEFUL BEHAVIOR be permitted on the repeater. Please keep in mind, that this is a FAMILY REPEATER, and is being monitored by children and public officials.
2. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be courteous to others, even if you are correct and they are wrong.
3. Conversations regarding any illegal activity such as modifications of type accepted radios or talking out of class, or those related to committing crimes and making/using illicit drugs are inappropriate and will not be tolerated.
4. Persons who are under the influence of drugs/alcohol or both are not welcome on the repeater as they are generally annoying. This is not to say that you cannot enjoy a drink, but if you are to the point of slurring your words go somewhere else.
5. Music, Sound effects, Whistles, or other annoying sounds on the repeater are not tolerated on the repeater. This includes overly loud background music that make your transmissions difficult to hear.
6. Do not say negative things about other folks or other groups.
7. If the repeater is in use and you have emergency traffic, say the word "Break" or your call sign after the previous callers transmission.
8. If you are in QSO and hear someone saying "Break" or their call sign, acknowledge the break and standby.
9. Please use only the minimum power necessary for clear communications. This is to ensure handheld access to the repeater.
10. Please wait for the squelch tail "Courtesy Beep" before responding during a QSO. This repeater is a “Linked” repeater and this will ensure others on a chance to join in on the conversation. This both prevents the repeater from timing out, and allows others a chance to break in. For those who want to crossband into my repeater, please comply with the following standards: A-Fully Tone Squelch protected input/output on the cross band radio B-Local control only, no long distance cross banding. C-Time out timers MUST be utilized and set for the input to my repeater. D-If the radio has a DTMF function to exit the cross band, it must be used. E-Use an authorized Remote Base Freq for this use, not a random Freq of your choosing. F-Permission from N6USO to do so after discussing the technical requirements
11. The repeater uses a two and half minute timer. Be sure to keep your transmissions shorter than the timer. Also limit the time on your QSO's to something reasonable. (No Monopolies)
12. DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE malicious interference on the air. Check the reverse (most radios have a reverse button to make this easier) and see if you can copy the signal. If so, take note of the time, date, S-level, and if applicable, the direction your antenna is pointing.
13. The repeater is licensed in the Amateur Radio Service. NOT CB!!! If you feel that you cannot leave your CB radio mentality off the repeater, then please do not get on the repeater. CB radio has its place, and it is not on this repeater. You probably left the CB Radio Service for a reason.
14. If for some reason the repeater is shut off, do not question why. If a control operator or owner shuts it off, it is for a reason. As a user, that should be good enough. It is not your responsibility to be in the information loop. Remarks on the output won't get it turned on any quicker. Contrary remarks by the uninformed or primary offenders will keep it shut off. Comments or questions about a shut off should NEVER be discussed over the radio.

Please report all interference information to the repeater trustee at

It is possible to have an enjoyable Amateur Radio experience without resorting to attacking each other. Differing opinions on important topics are good to discuss and hopefully bring positive change.

Remember, it is important to promote Amateur Radio. Bashing new users is not the way to do so. It is fine to give a good natured ribbing to your fellow Hams. . . only after you have developed a strong relationship with them.

If you have a problem with someone who is on the repeater, sign off and leave. As for the person who has an issue with someone, maybe you should take it off the air and get it worked out. It will not be tolerated on the repeater.

With any wide area coverage repeater, there are those who wish to "JAM" the repeater or transmit without identifying. Tracking down a low level, low power signal is very difficult due to the wide coverage area of this repeater system. Each user or listener has an active role in tracking down the offending stations. KEEPING THE REPEATER FREE FROM ABUSE IS THE BUSINESS OF ALL LICENSED HAM'S, PLEASE HELP LOCATE THE OFFENDERS.

These rules for the use of the repeater are STANDARD AMATEUR RADIO COURTESIES. Keeping these rules in mind, I hope you enjoy the repeater. 73, Burt-N6USO